10 Things I Would Tell My Sixteen Year Old Self

Today is the last Tuesday in June, and my month of co-hosting Tuesday Ten is coming to an end! Even though my time as co-host is almost over, I’ll still be writing Tuesday Ten lists with its amazing hostesses, Lisa and Rabia! This week, our topic is “Things you’d tell your sixteen year old self.”

I think this topic might be the most challenging one yet. It was easy to share ten items I always keep in my kitchen cabinets and the ten things I love about my dad. Thinking about what I would tell my sixteen year self is not quite as simple! I was sixteen smack dab in the middle of the 80’s, when bangs were hair sprayed straight up and jeans were skinny at the bottom. My sixteen year old self really could use some wisdom from my 45 year old self.

The Golden Spoons

10. You will get your driver’s license. You will pass the driver’s test the first time you take it, and you will also discover that you love to drive! You just need to overcome your nervousness, and then you will be fine.

9. That new, dreamy guy that walked into your English class last week? Remember him? You thought to yourself that he was the boy you were going to marry. Wrong. You don’t marry him; you barely have a conversation with hime. But don’t worry. Someone much better comes along…eventually.

8. Don’t worry about that horrible perm. By the time graduation comes around, you’ll look cute again.

7. Listen to your English teacher. You are a good writer.

6. Don’t give up running. You loved running the mile in Jr. High track. Keep it up!

5. Practice the piano! Keep taking lessons! Don’t be embarrassed that you had to go get your music during your last recital! No one will remember that you forgot how to play that piano piece from memory.

4. Be nice to your little sisters and brother. Take care of them.

3. Every once in a while, be a rebel! You’re a teenager. You’re supposed to rebel!

2. You are going to have so much fun in college!

1. Dream big. Become more than you think you can be.

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