My Turn {Simple Moment, Bigger Picture}

It was my turn to put the girls to bed tonight. Ed was off to choir practice (He says he’s a bass but I think he’s more of a baritone) and so he kissed the pajama-dressed girls goodnight and drove away. I lit the first purple candle in our Advent wreath while Lily and Emmy ran around the house turning off lights. We began the new nighttime routine we started last Sunday; first, we sing the songs Lily and Emmy will be singing in the Christmas Service, then we sing “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” and finish with Silent Night. We sing the same songs every night, but not always in that order, and sometimes with an addition or two.

Then comes the ritual of arguing about who will blow out the candle even though Mommy (me) tries to enforce taking turns. This will be so much easier next week when we light two purple candles instead of just one.

Then up the stairs we went, heading for my favorite part of putting the girls to bed by myself. Normally, Ed takes Lily to her room to read chapter books to her, and Emmy and I go read picture books. But when Daddy’s gone, each girl gets to pick a book to read, and we snuggle in Mommy and Daddy’s bed. Tonight’s picks were The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog written by Mo Willems (Emmy) and Officer Buckle and Gloria, written by I don’t remember please don’t make me go look  (Lily’s pick). After reading time, Lily snuggles deep into the covers of the bed, while I go and rock Emmy in the old glider. I sing bedtime songs. After carrying Emmy to her bed, Lily follows me in and kisses Emmy good night. Just a couple of hours earlier they had been bickering like mad, unable to get along. I love seeing Lily being so gentle with her little sister.

Lily goes off to bed next, and I give her a little snuggle time in her bed.

Our bedtime routine is different when Ed is gone, and we always miss him. But we know he’s not gone for long; he’ll be back the next night to sing Silent Night with us. And we are thankful.

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I’ve Gone Public!

This past week it feels like I’ve been wandering around in a maze.  Leaving a place where I felt so comfortable blogging (Blogger) to unfamiliar territory (WordPress) was a little unnerving for me. It’s still unnerving! But so far, so good. However, I’ve been frustrated; I have so many writing ideas and yet the time I’ve had to take to make this change has taken away from my writing. This is a good lesson, though. Since I signed up to write every day in November (I’m being a broken record, I know!) I have to write even though I don’t feel motivated to write.

Ed has already gone to bed, and I went upstairs to take a clean, unfolded load of laundry off the bed. (I cannot blame the common occurrence of this on my move to WordPress!) It’s a good thing I looked under the covers; hidden underneath was a brush, a CD case, and a princess crown. While I could have perhaps laid down on the brush and CD case without hurting myself, that tiara has spikes! And it even lights up! Who know what hilarity would have ensued if I hadn’t found that tiara!

Whatever happened, it certainly would have made for a better blog post. Maybe it would have been better if I hadn’t checked under the covers!
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