I’ve Gone Public!

This past week it feels like I’ve been wandering around in a maze.  Leaving a place where I felt so comfortable blogging (Blogger) to unfamiliar territory (WordPress) was a little unnerving for me. It’s still unnerving! But so far, so good. However, I’ve been frustrated; I have so many writing ideas and yet the time I’ve had to take to make this change has taken away from my writing. This is a good lesson, though. Since I signed up to write every day in November (I’m being a broken record, I know!) I have to write even though I don’t feel motivated to write.

Ed has already gone to bed, and I went upstairs to take a clean, unfolded load of laundry off the bed. (I cannot blame the common occurrence of this on my move to WordPress!) It’s a good thing I looked under the covers; hidden underneath was a brush, a CD case, and a princess crown. While I could have perhaps laid down on the brush and CD case without hurting myself, that tiara has spikes! And it even lights up! Who know what hilarity would have ensued if I hadn’t found that tiara!

Whatever happened, it certainly would have made for a better blog post. Maybe it would have been better if I hadn’t checked under the covers!
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8 Replies to “I’ve Gone Public!”

  1. I missed several posts and this is what I came back to: a sleek sophisticated version of Lemon Drop Pie! Great work. I have been thinking of transferring too, but haven't found the courage yet. Plus I would hate my posts to be gone: there's only over 800 of them!

    I love your story of the bedtime ritual as well. I can't remember my Mum ever reading to us (she hated reading out loud and was very happy when we started to read ourselves: that way we were allowed to read for a few minutes before bed and she didn't have to anymore), nor singing (which in the case of my Mum is a good thing: terrible voice). I bet this is something your daughters will remember in years to come.

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