How to Remove Wallpaper Without Losing Your Mind

On Monday, I started a home improvement project. I’ve wanted to re-do our bathroom ever since we moved in, but I also knew it was going to take a lot of muscle power and time. Watch this video to see how I’m doing.

So if you’re wondering about my absence on Lemon Drop Pie, you can be assured that I’m probably knee deep in a big mess!

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13 Replies to “How to Remove Wallpaper Without Losing Your Mind”

  1. First of all: why would anybody wallpaper a bathroom? And secondly: in the Netherlands we used steamers. Worked perfectly and loosened up the wallpaper. And since you're in a bathroom and hot water produces steam… πŸ™‚
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      1. Yeah I know what you're saying about ruining a wall. I had to have a complete new wall, since the old one was just in ruins. Thanks to the steamer! Mind you, I didn't have to pay for it, the housing association did!
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  2. You are correct in that the key to wallpaper removal is wallpaper application. Our bathrooms were covered in early 80's wallpaper with lots of years of hot, steamy water vapors to seal them to the drywall. We had to gut both bathrooms to studs and redrywall because the owners didn't apply it onto primer. Hope your project goes smoothly with fabulous results!
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  3. I have never removed wallpaper before and didn't realize it could be so tricky! The previous owner here had put a white paneling on the walls in the bathroom. It has it's advantages, when you want to clean the walls you can easily scrub them. But on the other hand they are not very attractive and are a bit plain. Not only that but it is hard to put anything like screws into the wall without cracking this paneling.

    Looks like you have your hands full but you are doing a great job and I can't wait to see what it looks like when you are done πŸ™‚
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  4. That is a job and a half but it looks like you are tackling it quite well. We have a bedroom that has a wallpaper border that needs to be removed, so I will apply your tips. Can wait to see the finished project!
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