I’ll never run out of reading material…

Can you believe it? The 2013 Ultimate Blog Party is over! I still have so many blogs to read! Fortunately, all the linky lists will stay up at 5 Minutes for Mom, so I can pop over there any time I need more reading material.

Speaking of reading material, I posted this status on my Facebook page this week:

HOLY COW! I was looking at my stats just now, and saw some visits coming from Pioneer Woman. I wondered why…and then realized that her BlogHer ad has my link on it today! (Streetlights and Messy Hawks) Am I overreacting by being so excited? It’s just a coincidence, after all.

My friend C read it, liked it, and then she brought me Ree Drummond’s book The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels to read! I have a little confession to make; even though (of course) I know who The Pioneer Woman is and I absolutely love making her Crash Hot Potatoes, I don’t visit her website regularly. But now…I might have to lurk there every now and then! So far I’m really enjoying her book.

Here’s some reading material for you! Tanya and I connected this week during the blog party; she lives with RA and her blog celebrates the small victories she makes every day. She’s also having a giveaway for her first blogaversary! Please go visit her at Mom’s Small Victories!

I love reconnecting with bloggers through the UBP, too, like Coffee Lovin’ Mom, Lauralee and Cool Mama!

It’s always fun to see bloggers I keep up with regularly during the party, such as One Mommy and Another Jennifer!

So here’s to another Ultimate Blog Party! *clink glasses with me!* I’m already looking forward to UBP14!

Ultimate Blog Party 2013


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14 Replies to “I’ll never run out of reading material…”

  1. Seriously, I still have so many blogs to get to! Trying to visit everyone that either commented on my blog or liked my FB page or followed me on Twitter…I'm starting to get all mixed up! But I sure never will run out of something to read! Maybe next year if I don't have any new babies 😉 I'll take a mom-cation for a week, just myself, the quiet, and the UBP party!
    Thanks for the shout-out 🙂
    My recent post Ultimate Blog Party 2013

  2. Ginny – I love how your family's photos are posted in the layout! I like it! You just reminded me that I need to get active again on BlogHer!!

    Just stopping by for some #ubp13 after-party meet n greet! Please visit my shop ouata.etsy.com and my site to say hello ouata.wordpress.com . 🙂

  3. I must have missed this party, but maybe next time! It takes me awhile to catch up with the Saturday Sharefest, but I always do and I enjoy it!
    My recent post Six Years Gone.

  4. Of course Pioneer Woman's viewers came to visit you. Your blog ROCKS!!! I hope to join the UBP next year when things get up and running on this end.

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