5 Things That Are Tacky

tacky things 2

5. Glue dots – Just tacky enough for the “kid” project you are making “with” your kids. Keeps preschool teachers’ fingers less tacky than white glue!


4. Keeping your husband’s ten dollar bill that you borrowed to buy your daughter a Pinkie Pie ice cream bar after finding out the concession stand is closed.

Pinkie Pie Pops

3. Tacky the Penguin – Loud, clashing and funny!

children's literature

2. Taking selfies at funerals – Technically, this was after the funeral at a family get-together. Still tacky?



1. “Weird Al” Yankovic – Always has been tacky, always will be tacky!


Have you been tacky lately?




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13 Replies to “5 Things That Are Tacky”

  1. That song is so… ehm… tacky? But as you said: he has always been and will always be tacky!

    Did you hear that one line he sings though (towards the end): taking selfies with the deceased? You didn’t do that (I hope), so that lovely photo after the funeral was not too tacky!
    Mara recently posted…Too comfyMy Profile

  2. You totally reminded me that at my grandfather’s funeral years back, my cousin’s wife took a picture at his funeral with her girls not realizing that she got the coffin in the back. She is a lovely enough person, but I guess doesn’t always think when she does something. Probably could consider it tacky what she did, but don’t think she did it on purpose by any means.
    Janine Huldie recently posted…Happy 5th Birthday Emma!My Profile

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