Ten Things I Did in February Instead of Writing

Wait, what month is it? Is it March already? And I only wrote 3 posts in February? Hmm. I need to get writing!

  1. On President’s Day, I took my daughters rollerblading.
  2. I’ve been reading and adding titles to my Goodreads Challenge for 2016. One of the books I read is Hiding in Plain Sight, by blogging friend Angela Evans! Review on the blog coming soon, although you can read my review on Amazon if you’re interested.
  3. I’ve been walking at the gym and outside. In February, I walked 43 miles!
  4. It’s Lent, and I’ve been attending a Bible study at my church on Wednesday evenings.
  5. Both girls participated in the control group for a research project for a rare childhood disease.
  6. Ed and I met some friends for dinner.
  7. Ed and I went to a dinner dance.
  8. I cleaned the house for the babysitter.
  9. Lily had an orchestra concert.
  10. Ed and I sang a duet in church two Sundays in a row.
  11. BONUS! We also sang and played handbells for Hymn Fest, an annual event at our church.

So, here’s my plan. In the next few days (weeks?), I’m going to write a post for some of the above events to fill in the details. I’ve missed blogging! For now, I’m going to link up to Lisa and Rabia’s Tuesday Ten!


The Golden Spoons

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Ten Random Things About Me

1. My family moved from Nebraska to Illinois when I was three. During the move, I got stung by a bumblebee on my big toe!
2. When I’m stopped in traffic and I see someone singing along to a song in their car, I try to figure out what radio station they’re listening to.
3. When I was in elementary school and junior high, I ran in track meets. My event was the mile and I loved it. But when I went to a large suburban high school, I was too scared to try out for the track team and I gave up running.
4. I was a waitress at Pizza Hut in high school. Not a good tipping job.
5. When my youngest sister, who was in high school, told me I should date her Youth Leader, I just laughed. Years later I started dating him and we’ve been married for over 12 years.
6. I used to hate asparagus and now I love it. Believe, I tell my kids this story a lot when they complain about food they don’t like.
7. My other sister always gives me her mushrooms.
8. I had my first baby at the same age my mom was when she had her last baby; we were 35 years old.
9. I can’t believe I’m so old that I had breast cancer 19 years ago. Yes, I was very young.
10. I still love reading real books, real magazines, and actual newspapers.

The Golden Spoons


11. I hate being late, and yet now that I’m a mother, I usually am late!

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