Things I Think You’ll Enjoy #2

What’s up this week? Here’s some items that are happening for me:

My college friends’ children go to school with a girl named Anna. Anna is trying to go to New York for her Spring Break for a very special reason. Here’s more about Anna:

Anna has won many Gold medals from many competitions in the Special Olympics. More than anything in this world for Spring Break this year Anna wants to go to New York. Anna wants to show all her medals to all her favorites at Good Morning America.

You can help her by liking her Facebook page, Anna’s trip to New York. Go on, like her! I did!

If you are friends with me on Facebook, you will see that I have a giraffe for my profile picture. The lovely Mrs. Houseful gave me this riddle:

“It’s 3 a.m., the doorbell rings and you wake up. Unexpected visitors! It’s your parents and they are here for breakfast. You have strawberry jam, honey, wine, bread and cheese. What is the first thing you open?”

I messaged her my answer; she said I was wrong, and the Tribune said I was right. I supposed technically Mrs. Houseful had the right answer!

I know there are a lot of disgruntled giraffe displayers right now (I may be one of them!) but here are some things I like about this Facebook fad:

1. I enjoy a good riddle.
2. People are being honest and putting a giraffe up for their profile pics. I mean, I didn’t have to get a giraffe! Mrs. Houseful doesn’t know where I live. 😉
3. You can pick any giraffe you want to, and people’s personalities are definitely showing in their giraffe picks.
4. It’s just fun!

Did you notice? This week I had a Halloween article published on Queen Latifah’s website! Click the button below to read it! I share my pre-trick-or-treating party ideas to hopefully prevent those post-trick-or-treating meltdowns!

Can you believe it’s almost November? For the past few years, I’ve participated in NaBloPoMo, and so of course I’m trying it again. That means a new blog post every day for a whole month! Lucky you.

NaBloPoMo November 2013

I’m also linking up with yeah write, where I met some incredible writers last November. I haven’t had time to participate in their weekly writing challenge lately, but they are the group responsible for motivating me to write my BlogHer Voice of the Year winning essay.

Are you joining NaBloPoMo? Or more importantly, do you have a giraffe as your profile picture?


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13 Replies to “Things I Think You’ll Enjoy #2”

  1. Totally got the answer right according to the Tribune. But…didn’t change the picture, but that’s mostly out of pure laziness. I’m like “I have to find a picture? Eh…no.” Laziness.

    Not doing the post a day but I am doing including something I am thankful for each day in November!

    1. It is very challenging, but some days I just write a short paragraph or post a picture. Coming up with ideas for 30 days in a row is hard, but I enjoy it! (My husband, however, does not!)

  2. Yay for Queen Latifah!!!
    And I like the honesty with the riddle too. I haven’t been asked the question yet but I already know the right answer so I guess I’m automatically disqualified!

  3. I didn’t have to get a giraffe fortunately. But I must admit I was helped a bit by several somebodies who wrote the wrong answer (which would have been mine by the way) and made me think again.

    Love the post on Queen Latifah! You are getting to be a celebrity now! Can I have your autograph??

  4. LOL I actually got that riddle right (and I don’t always do). I love riddles…Love the story on Anna too! I hope she gets to 100K soon. Are you going to BlogHer next year? I am so excited that it will be my first one!

  5. Hello Ginny Marie! I have FINALLY read your story and thought I’d leave a hello. What a beautiful story and a beautiful family. You are truly blessed and I know you know it.
    With fond Valpo memories,


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