Your Spin Cycle Prompt for 10/28

Cooking with Love

Who cooked with love for you? What do you make with love? Has someone cooked with love for you but it was something you hated to eat? Think of the emotions cooking gives, not necessarily the recipe, although recipes are a bonus!

And here’s an even bigger question: Where does Winnie the Pooh get all those hunny jars? Now that’s food for thought.

pooh hunny jar

Help spread the word about the Spin Cycle on Facebook and Twitter by using the hashtag #SpinCycle. Next week, we’ll have a Halloween Show and Tell. (Since Halloween is this Thursday, we wanted to give ourselves you some time to write about Halloween!)

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6 Replies to “Your Spin Cycle Prompt for 10/28”

  1. Where did he get those hunny pots? Maybe Christopher Robin kept him stocked up.

    Oh, and at least you remembered to add the Halloween thing? I’m off to add it to mine!

  2. My husband cooks with love! And I remember one of our friends being so impressed once because SHE was cooking for us, but my husband pulled her aside to tell her that I can’t tolerate onions at all. She said, “He looks out for you. That’s love.”
    And of course, he loves onions out of my meals.

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