The hour before a party is prime time vacuuming time at our house.

Seeing Ed vacuum is a rare sight…look at Emmy watch at her daddy!
Do you think Ed had a Tom Sawyer scheme going?

Look at Emmy go! She’s a blur!

This lasted for about two minutes, then the vacuum got a little too heavy for Miss Emmy. 
Ed resumed his cleaning duties. (Unlike Tom Sawyer!)
And then…people came over, ate and drank, Lily tore wrapping paper off of birthday presents, pizza and brownie ice-cream cake was consumed, and our house was turned into a wreck!
Seriously, why do we clean before parties?

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7 Replies to “Vacuuming”

  1. HA! I just did the same thing before my son's party 2 weeks ago. I know, pointless, right?! I'm so concerned about every piece of lint and dust drop when really, no one ever seems to notice! Except the food…they notice that for sure! Vicious cycle, huh?!

  2. It takes so much longer to clean than it does to turn the place into a mess doesn't it?Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!

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