The hour before a party is prime time vacuuming time at our house.

Seeing Ed vacuum is a rare sight…look at Emmy watch at her daddy!
Do you think Ed had a Tom Sawyer scheme going?

Look at Emmy go! She’s a blur!

This lasted for about two minutes, then the vacuum got a little too heavy for Miss Emmy. 
Ed resumed his cleaning duties. (Unlike Tom Sawyer!)
And then…people came over, ate and drank, Lily tore wrapping paper off of birthday presents, pizza and brownie ice-cream cake was consumed, and our house was turned into a wreck!
Seriously, why do we clean before parties?

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First Sunday in Advent

Preparation. It seems like I’m always preparing for something. I’ve got to prepare for work, I need to prepare dinner, I have to prepare the house for company.
December is almost here. It’s time to prepare for the holidays. Time to get out the ladder and hang the Christmas lights on the outside of the house. Time to put up the Christmas tree and get the Christmas cards ready to send. Shop for gifts and the Christmas ham. Bake some cookies and prepare the menu for Christmas Day.
 In the midst of all our preparations, we need to remember to prepare our hearts to receive Jesus, our King.
“Prepare the royal highway, the King of kings is near!”