The hour before a party is prime time vacuuming time at our house.

Seeing Ed vacuum is a rare sight…look at Emmy watch at her daddy!
Do you think Ed had a Tom Sawyer scheme going?

Look at Emmy go! She’s a blur!

This lasted for about two minutes, then the vacuum got a little too heavy for Miss Emmy. 
Ed resumed his cleaning duties. (Unlike Tom Sawyer!)
And then…people came over, ate and drank, Lily tore wrapping paper off of birthday presents, pizza and brownie ice-cream cake was consumed, and our house was turned into a wreck!
Seriously, why do we clean before parties?

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Paint ‘n Take!

The Birthday Girl

My budding artist’s belated birthday party went really well! No one got hurt and nothing got broken, which is a miracle when you host a party for 20 five-year-olds. Most importantly, Lily thought it was a great party, and that’s what counts. (How could it go wrong when you have cupcakes and ice-cream?)

You know those dreadful little painted figures you see in OTHER people’s china cabinets? Well, it turns out they are not so dreadful when it is your children who have painted them. In fact, they may just be considered works of art. Masterpieces, if you will!

LOOK! This little cupid now has a front and center spot in my china cabinet, along with the frog that Emmy painted mostly pink.

Look at those rosy cheeks!
Emmy loved painting this frog! She loved painting it so much, in fact,
that when the first coating of paint dried, she went back and added a second coat!

It was the perfect party for my little Lily. Mom would have approved!