Have You Been Writing? (I haven’t.)

My favorite pair of slippers literally just crumbled apart tonight. I couldn’t figure out why they felt so strange and lumpy on my feet until I discovered I was leaving bits and pieces of the rubber soles all over the house today. What else could I do but throw them out? I do have another pair of slippers; a back-up pair, but they are not my favorite. *sigh*

Why am I telling you this? It’s not so that you will send me a new pair of slippers, although if you want to, I’m fine with that.

No, it’s because throwing my slippers out is the last thing I did before sitting down to write this blog post. I’ve been wanting to write more and lately I seem to lack the ability to just sit down and write. And as I was throwing out my slippers, this prompt idea came to me.

This week’s prompt for The Spin Cycle is Just Write!

Just write

Just Write a blog post this week, any day, and come back here to link it up! So easy, so simple! Just Write!

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