Picnicking {Spin Cycle}

Our family loves a good picnic; or as Fancy Nancy would put it, we dine al fresco! Every once in while, I’ll call Ed and tell him to meet us at the roller slide park after work. I make pizza pasta salad* and buy Cheetos, and the girls and I arrive early so that they can play on the playground before Ed gets there.

Most of the time, our picnicking happens during a road trip. I pack sandwiches, fruit and veggies so that we can stop at a picnic area to eat lunch instead of eating fast food.

Sometimes, the weather doesn’t cooperate and it’s a bit cooler than we expect. We just bundle up and eat outside anyway.

roadside picnic

Sometimes, we can’t find a picnic table. So we pull over in a turnaround on the side of the highway to Fairbanks, Alaska, and eat in the back of our rental van.

picnic in a van

alaska picnic

Sometimes, we can’t find a picnic table, so we use a rock instead.

Hiking in the Rocky Mountains, CO
Hiking in the Rocky Mountains, CO
Lunch at the Grand Canyon
Lunch at the Grand Canyon

And sometimes, there’s nothing like a hot dog in your own backyard!

hot dog

*I don’t have a recipe; I just make some rotini noodles, throw in some pepperoni, grape tomatoes, mozzarella cheese chunks, onions, green peppers and black olives, and toss it all with a vinaigrette. Voila, pizza pasta salad!

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14 Replies to “Picnicking {Spin Cycle}”

  1. Al Fresco….I love it! I love that you do this. My husband has fond memories of his mother packing picnics when they would go on road trips. I’ve always been the type who wants to stop at a restaurant to eat but I think it’s time for me to change my ways!
    Deborah Pucci recently posted…FRIDAY FRAGMENTSMy Profile

  2. I’m sitting here feeling like the biggest dunce because we just finished a massive road trip that included far too many fast-food restaurant stops. I love your idea of turning it into a fun little adventure/picnic. And so many memories for your family too!
    Leslie recently posted…{Friday Five}My Profile

  3. I didn’t think I could do this prompt, since I never do picnics. Until I read your post and found I did! Or at least: have done in the past. Nothing too fancy though: sandwiches and something to drink by the side of the road.
    Mara recently posted…Ambling alongMy Profile

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