We Heart Art!

To celebrate art and creativity, three blogs are hosting two days of We Heart Art! If you heart art, too, you should visit I’m Living Proof that God Has a Sense of Humor, Three Bay B Chicks and Domestically Challenged. They also have a great giveaway going on!

I come from a very creative family, but alas, I am probably the least creative. Here’s my chance to brag about my incredibly talented family! My parents are both very talented people. My mom, being a pastor’s wife, created many beautiful banners for her various churches and also designed the needle-pointed kneelers that are in front of the alter at my church. I get to see them every time I go up to communion. When I think of my dad and his artistic side, I think of his wonderfully crafted sermons.

My sisters are both college professors in their chosen fields. One composes music and the other has had art exhibits in galleries around the country. As for my brother and me, we dabble in creativity but mostly in private!

A few years ago, I took a community art class, taught by my dear friend T. She’s at home right now with a new baby….If you get a chance to read this, T, I think you are an AWESOME art teacher!

One technique she showed us was how to use a grid to draw. This is a black and white photo of a baby I found in a catalog. You can see the grid I drew over the picture.

I drew a grid on a white piece of drawing paper, and carefully copied each square, transferring the image. Here is the end result:

I loved taking this art class, and when I have time sometime, I hope to resume my art studies! I may have a while to wait….

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