Random Tuesday Thoughts: I’ve Got the Blues

On Saturday, we had an unexpected chance to go out. My cousin offered to come over and babysit, and she did not have to ask twice.

We went downtown. There are two bars next door to each other. One bar had four guys smoking in front, with tattoos, piercings, long hair, and mandatory black T-shirts. We walked by the bar to see what band was playing that night and heard the expected eff word being tossed about. That bar was totally empty. The next bar still had people eating dinner; it’s a newer looking place, and they already had live blues playing. Hmm, which bar should we go to…tough choice….

If you guessed the blues bar, you would be correct. There were blue lights, blue water glasses, and the Blues Brothers all over the place. They had a flat screen TV on the wall that was as big as a bus. I ordered a margarita on the rocks; Ed had a perfect Manhattan up. Adult drinks! At least, Ed’s was. What do you think? Is a margarita an adult drink? At least it was on the rocks and not frozen. After our first drink, I began to wonder if we should go home. Ed looked at his watch. It was 9:10. We had another drink.

This time, I ordered a glass of Merlot, and Ed had a beer. A nice micro-brew though, not PBR in a can. We actually stayed until the headliner band started playing. It was way too loud to have a normal conversation, but Ed and I are past the ‘get to know each other’ stage. We’re more at the ‘what can we talk about if we don’t talk about the kids’ stage.

We were home by 11:00. Not too shabby for a couple of old folks out on the town. OK, OK, it was early compared to how late we used to stay out. But that was two children ago.

So writing about our date night seems to stick to the topic too much for an RTT post. BUT going out for us IS random! We tend to be homebodies nowadays. I think it’s because staying home takes less effort. We’re a couple of lazy couch potatoes, me and Ed.

So for things that are more random, go see Keely over at The Un-Mom! And don’t forget her partner in crime, Kelly, over at Baby Boogers!


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