Halloween Show ‘n Tell 2014 {Spin Cycle}

I knew it was going to be cold on Halloween this year. But I didn’t expect to wake up to snow!

snowy Halloween

Earlier in the week it had been quite a bit warmer, which was wonderful for the annual Pumpkin Patch at Lily and Emmy’s school. Kids can decorate pumpkins (but not carve them) and bring them to school for a contest. Well, it used to be a contest, but this year it was just a pumpkin show. As we were bringing our pumpkins to school, one of the moms we ran into told me she was glad she only had a couple more years of decorating pumpkins. She and her husband had stayed up late painting her daughter’s pumpkin!

I just give each kid a pumpkin and some paint, and tell them they’re on their own. It works for them.

Lily and her vampire bat pumpkin
Lily and her vampire bat pumpkin
Emmy and her witch
Emmy and her witch

On Halloween, I sent them to school in their costumes, another new policy at our school. Everything I did that day was Halloween-y. First was the Halloween party at my preschool, which was a huge success thanks to our awesome parent volunteers. After work, I went to Lily and Emmy’s school for their Halloween parade. It was so cold outside that the parade had to be in the gym. The kids went to their classrooms for their Halloween parties, and then had an early dismissal. Finally, it was time for the main event of the day; trick-or-treating!

pinkie pie and bat

Oh. my. word. So. much. candy!

I’m still helping my kids eat their Milky Ways and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! How was your Halloween? Link up your Halloween recaps here!

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9 Replies to “Halloween Show ‘n Tell 2014 {Spin Cycle}”

  1. Vampire Bat pumpkin! So awesome. Brrr about the snow.
    I’m weird because my dad worked at M&M Mars for over 30 years and I’m a supertaster so I’m too sensitive to freshness to really enjoy Halloween candy. I know it’s nuts. Give me fresh cookies or fine chocolates and I’m all over that.
    Halloween candy is dwindling slowly here.
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