Nothing Like a Burger and a Beer

Tonight we went out to dinner. Any night that I don’t have to cook is a good night! Unfortunately, I still have breakfast and lunch dishes sitting on the counter because I haven’t unloaded the dishwasher from dinner last night. There may be a dirty pan in the sink. I’m not sayin’ whether there is or not, and you can’t see my kitchen so I don’t have to.

The last couple of times that we’ve gone out, I’ve ordered a salad. I love a good salad full of a variety of veggies, and I had a couple of really good salads. However, sometimes I just want a burger. A big, fat, juicy burger. So that’s what I ordered tonight; a nacho burger with nacho cheese and guacamole with fries on the side.

A burger just begs to be served with a beer. So I had to order a beer, too. I mean, what the heck? It’s Friday night, after all!

Beer makes me tired. I’m going to curl up in bed with a good book.

This burger and beer post brought to you by National Blog Posting Month! What did you order the last time you went out to eat?

Was it a burger or was it salad?






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14 Replies to “Nothing Like a Burger and a Beer”

  1. Last time we ate out was at a chicken restaurant and we got the buffet to go. Not exactly eating out, but more like take out I guess. We just don’t eat out much. At our age, we just don’t eat as much as we used to plus most meals are over loaded on carbs.
    Ila East recently posted…Sausage and cabbageMy Profile

  2. I actually ordered quesadillas last week when we went out to dinner before seeing Jim Gaffigan live (our one date night like in months) and I ended up having a vicious headache all day. So, I ended up just ordering sparkling water, because my headache was actually finally subsiding and truly didn’t want it to come back. Not a beer drinker though, but maybe next time I can at least get a cocktail and leave the headache at home 😉
    Janine Huldie recently posted…Ornaments with Love Feeding My Christmas Decorating LoveMy Profile

  3. I’ve been trying to lose weight and, thus, watching what I eat. However, I get so tired of salads! Last weekend we went to an Italian restaurant and I went in thinking I would be “good” and order salad. I didn’t. I ordered baked ziti with mistake and lots of melted cheese! It was sooooooo good!
    Lisa @ The Golden Spoons recently posted…Who’s in Your Village?My Profile

  4. Not a burger but a hot dog and fries. We went to our local burger joint.. called Local because it’s all local and organic meat. .Sounds wonderful, right?
    Well they messed up the order, the fries got soggy on the way home, and the kids wouldn’t tough their organic local chicken nuggets!
    Tamara recently posted…Do You Remember Your First Time?My Profile

    1. It does sound wonderful, but soggy fries? Not so much. Emmy still insists that McDonald’s chicken nuggets are the best. I tell her over and over NO! They are NOT the best! They are not even chicken! Fortunately, going to McDonald’s is very rare for us. 😉

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