The Promise of Spring

As I was walking around my yard today, looking for some sign of Spring, I wasn’t expecting much. The yard looks very brown and dead. I had to look very, very carefully for signs of life.

Hydrangea leaves, waiting for warm, spring breezes

I found the promise of Spring, secretly biding its time in my yard. These magnolia buds are so very tiny, and there is still snow on the ground beneath them.

But soon, they will grow larger and larger, until finally the blooms plop out of their buds.

Among the dead leaves, I found green sprouts.

These little, tiny sprouts will lengthen and grow up, taller and taller, until summer comes and their orange brightness fills the yard.

Oh, I excited for Spring to arrive! How about you?

Tomorrow I will be writing some memories of Spring, and I invite you to join me! Write a post about Spring, then come back to Lemon Drop Pie tomorrow and add your post to my linky list!

Wishing you springtime dreams,

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6 Replies to “The Promise of Spring”

  1. The Bradford pear trees are blooming like crazy down here! That's what I see the most. It won't be long before we'll all be mowing lawns again and pulling weeds…

  2. Oh you captured it!!! Yea for spring..well we celebrated by going out and flying a kite! Spring never gets old!

  3. Thanks for that reminder that Spring is right around the corner! I'm so ready to be through with winter…

  4. This post reminds me of my grandparents yard as a child. I'd always be "helping" them by picking up the wilted magnolia leaves…I think I used to make "stew" out of them with the rainwater they collected…lol…I'm sure they loved that! Thanks for the stroll down memory lane…it was a nice little visit with my papa…and thanks for the reminder that spring is in the air!! (even though i live in san diego, where its always spring!!!)

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