My Word of the Year

I want my Word of the Year to be sparkly. I have to keep this word for the whole year, so it needs to be a special word. A word like INSPIRE, or CREATE, or BEAUTY. A word that is AWESOME.

I came up with SCHEDULE.

“Schedule” is not a very exciting word. It speaks of boring predictability and routine. This word is not exactly what I was aiming for. Don’t forget, I also want to write a poem with my word.

Screen time limit
Clean regularly
Have a meal plan
Educate myself
Do the dishes daily
Utilize time wisely
Laundry: one load daily
Eat less and snack healthy

Does this poem do justice to my word? It definitely contains the type of tasks I think about when I hear the word “schedule.” And I really feel like I need a schedule. Here I am, at 9:00 on Thursday night, writing my Spin Cycle post for tomorrow morning when I could have written it earlier this week. I’m a chronic procrastinator. I never decide what to make for dinner until it’s almost dinner time, I wear my black pants to church because I forget about shaving my legs until half an hour before we’re supposed to leave, and I run out to buy milk when the jug in the fridge is completely empty.

I spend time I could be writing on social media. When I am on social media, I am just lurking and don’t actually post anything or promote my blog. I check my email five minutes after I just checked it, and guess what? There’s no new mail.

I need a schedule.

But I also need to be inspired. I need more than a schedule. How can I make the word “schedule” sparkle?

Stop and listen to my children more
Cherish the ones I love
Have hope for the future
Encourage others
Do tasks as they come, without worry
Use my faith in God above all else
Love my husband with all my heart
Escape in a good book every so often

If I combine the two poems, the practical schedule with the inspiring schedule, maybe this year will be just right!


What are your goals for this year?

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23 Replies to “My Word of the Year”

  1. I think I could use more “schedule” too. Especially since I don’t have a full time job to go to anymore, my days are open. Which is great, but it’s so easy for the hours to slip away without accomplishing what I want. Maybe it’s not a sparkly word, but I think it’s important 🙂
    Trish recently posted…Why I love Chick-fil-AMy Profile

  2. Yay, you found your word! Your post made me laugh–all that build up about a sparkly word and then “schedule.” 🙂

    My word isn’t sparkly either, but in the first eleven days of 2014, I’ve found “trust” to be a very inspiring word. Whenever things don’t go my way, I just trust that things will work out in the end. The phrase “Jesus, I trust in You” has been very helpful, almost meditative at times as I repeat it over and over again to get through certain situations.

    So every time you find yourself spinning your wheels on social media, you can scream out the word “schedule!” and get yourself back on task! 😉
    Angelina Costenaro recently posted…The Jar of Good News–The Year 2013 in ReviewMy Profile

  3. I’ve been finding that if I just do the unpleasant tasks (dishes) instead of avoiding them, they go faster. Tackling small things before they grow. I still need to work more on the meal planning. Still not the best at that one.
    VandyJ recently posted…WWTK: The Random QMy Profile

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