Bloomin’ Spring!

When the forsythia bushes burst into yellow flames in the parsonage yard, it meant that other signs of spring would soon follow. Those bright, yellow blooms meant rhubarb leaves would start uncurling out of the dirt and rose bushes would start sprouting upward and onward.

Warmer weather also meant I could dust off my bicycle and start riding through the neighborhood again. My sister and I could walk to the library or the movies without getting frost bite. We could run across the field to play tag at the playground.

Spring was freedom!

Spring meant that we could go outside more often for recess. Our schoolyard was surrounded by tall cottonwood trees. When the cottonwoods let go of their fluffy, white seeds in the spring, it seemed like it was snowing again. The fuzzy seeds drifted through the air like snowflakes and collected on the ground like snowdrifts. But yet, the weather was warm. We would walk through those falling cottonwood seeds with our arms out, faces upward, amazed that what was falling from the sky was not a form of precipitation.

Spring was lovely.


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6 Replies to “Bloomin’ Spring!”

  1. Ginny, Spring is slow to arrive in Wisconsin this year! Spring means hope and renewal, I think that's why everyone loves it so much. Your post is lovely. Spring meaning freedom, I had not thought of it like that before. Thanks for sharing your memories.

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