Easter Preparations

colorful eggs, all in rows
Baking bread
Choir practice

Holy Week is always a busy week for us in the Lemon Drop Pie household, and is especially busy this year.  We will be hosting Easter dinner for our family. The girls were quite disappointed when they discovered this; they were looking forward to an egg hunt at their aunt and uncle’s house. But Ed and I have a little surprise for them. (Shhh! Don’t tell!)  And so we have been busy preparing for Easter. Eggs have been dyed, bread has been kneaded, bunnies have been brought out of boxes. The dining room table has been cleared of all its clutter.

Lily's sun catcher

We prepare our hearts as well.

For the promise of Easter; that Jesus bears our grief.

By His stripes, we are healed.

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9 Replies to “Easter Preparations”

  1. Ohyes. Amen to that! We are healed.

    Also. The suncatcher is just lovely. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  2. I love that suncatcher your daughter made. Very pretty. Have a great Easter with your family and I hope the surprise comes off well!

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