Random Tuesday Thoughts with Accompanying Random Photos II

I bet you’re wondering, “Is this a sequel?” Sequels are for those of us who can’t think of anything new to write just can’t get enough of a good thing! (Listen to me, comparing myself to a screenplay writer. HA!) Just in case you can’t get enough, here is the original Random Tuesday Thoughts with Accompanying Random Photos.

My husband MEANT to buy me this for Valentine’s Day.
He CLAIMS that they don’t make them in February. (I shouldn’t pick on Ed…he’s been sick. I heart you, dear!)

These little birdie track are SO CUTE!

These flowers have given our breakfast nook a much needed LIFT! (Hmm, that caps lock key sure seems to stick.)

Here are some random photos taken by our in-house photographer, LILY!! (What’s up with the exclamation point key? I should really look into this.)

I hope you enjoyed my second installment of RANDOM TUESDAY THOUGHTS WITH ACCOMPANYING RANDOM PHOTOS. (Seriously, CAPS LOCK KEY? Tone it down!)

Tune in to the Un-Mom for many more Random Tuesday Thoughts!


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