15 Reasons He Wasn’t Mr. Right

First there was the book He’s Just Not That Into You (I never read it) and now there’s the movie (I haven’t seen it). After one of my boyfriends dumped me, I made a list of reasons I was really not into him, and it revealed that he wasn’t really into me, either. I felt pretty stupid that I had spent so much time with him! Live and learn, right?

  1. He wanted his wife to take his name. I took my husband’s name when I found Mr. Right, but it had to be my choice, not his.
  2. He said “I seen” instead of “I have seen” or “I saw.” For example, “I seen some deer on my drive home.”
  3. He failed the basic skills test for teachers the first time he took it. See #2.
  4. He hated going into Chicago.
  5. He never wanted to go to the movies.
  6. He never bought clothes, and what he owned looked terrible. He was a P.E. teacher. He got to wear shorts every day for work.
  7. He would never consider going to church with me, even when a mutual friend invited us to her daughter’s baptism.
  8. He would never consider going to an opera, musical, or concert.
  9. He wouldn’t reply to my emails.
  10. He didn’t call me very often.
  11. He didn’t come to see me very often; I usually went over to his place.
  12. He didn’t like Star Trek, or the X-Files, or anything else that was science fiction.
  13. He only liked watching football.
  14. He didn’t want to get married, but yet he showed me the church where he would get married if he ever found the right woman. Duh…I should have broken up with him right there and then!
  15. When he wore dark socks, he always wore a pair of white socks underneath so he wouldn’t get athlete’s foot. Because you get athlete’s foot from wearing dark colored socks.

Thank goodness that relationship never went anywhere.

Anna over at abdpbt has a list of her own; go check it out!


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