Random Tuesday Thoughts: Tossed Laundry and Steam

Yesterday was a banner day! I actually finished two loads of laundry today. From the washing machine to being folded…Whoa! I can barely remember to get a load from the washer to the dryer in a 24 hour period. Clothes have been known to get dumped on my bed to be folded, then when I go up to bed I see the clothes on the bed, have no desire to fold them because I’m too tired, and dump them in the basket again. I’m always wearing something wrinkled. I really have to get a handle on this laundry thing.

I caught a cold this weekend. I felt so much better in the shower this morning, with the hot steam clearing up my head. If only I could stay in there all day. I can’t even hear the girls with the water running…ahhh, my only true alone time. Someone comes in the bathroom crying about something sooner or later, and I’m forced to get out. My legs rarely get shaved. I’m lucky if I have time to condition my hair. And don’t tell me to shower at night. I hate going to bed with wet hair, I hate how my hair feels the next day if I don’t wash it in the morning, and my morning shower helps me start my day right. Geesh, you might as well tell me to give up coffee or sumthin’, and that ain’t goin’ to happen.

It was only a couple of months ago that I figured out what Mozilla Firefox was. I barely knew what a web browser was. I thought Firefox was some kind of virus protection when I saw that little furry animal on my desktop. It’s a good thing Ed told me about it…Internet Explorer wouldn’t open my blog yesterday, and I was really irritated. Turns out it was my funky fonts on yesterday’s post. I didn’t have the right closing HTML on them, even though I just used Blogger’s font button. I don’t really know HTML, either. Good ol’ Mozilla was able handle it, unlike poor ol’ Explorer. With enough experimentation, I was able to work the kinks out. Pretty amazing, huh? (Well, I thought so. And here I go again, messing with the font size. You’d better not screw up again, Internet Explorer!)

After all that messing around (and not the good kind of messing around, if you know what I mean) I was the only one up. The kids had been asleep for hours already, and Hubby had gone to bed, too. Very strange feeling, being alone. Wish it happened more often. Then Emmy started to cry. I went upstairs, did a little back patting, and went to bed.

Keely has some more inane ramblings (her words! not mine!) over at the Un-Mom…get on over there!


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