Pull Up a Chair — It’s My SITS Day!

Welcome to Lemon Drop Pie!

I blog under the name of Ginny Marie, and I’ve been blogging since 2008. My family members have blog names, too, and they’ve learned them very well! In this short video, they introduce themselves. Ed has a slight cold, so his voice sounds deeper than usual. He always makes me laugh, though, just like he does here while I’m videotaping him.

View video here.

I’ve been a member of SITS (The Secret’s in the Sauce) ever since their logo was a high heeled shoe on a leopard print background. SITSĀ  is such a great support site for blogs! Yet I always held back from filling out the featured blogger form. My blog had an inferiority complex.

Attending Bloggy Boot Camp in Chicago, 2011, really helped give me a much needed blog boost. I finally had the courage to move Lemon Drop Pie to WordPress. I met Renee, owner of Studio Bold, and she gave us so many great ideas on how to design our own blogs! I created an Inspiration Board on Pinterest, and used it to help me design my current header.

In honor of that old SITS leopard print button, here are a couple Lemon Drop Pie headers from the past:

My very first header
My second header; the girls on a ride at Kiddie Land

Now my daughters have grown much older, but I still love looking back at these old pictures!

I’ve been writing daily in November for NaBloPoMo, so I hope you take the time to look around.

I’m also on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Lemon Drop Pie during this very busy week!