Just Another Monday Morning (I was going to write "Manic Monday," but it really isn’t manic at all.)

I’m sitting in my relatively clean kitchen, waking up with a cup of coffee, recovering from the house full of relatives yesterday. My in-laws were over for Father’s Day, and we had steaks on the grill.

(Insert cute toddler story here) Emmy just stuck her fork under her arm, and said, “Beep!” I could not figure out what she was doing. I had just microwaved breakfast for her…was she pretending to be a microwave?

She stuck her fork under her other arm. “Beep!”

“You do it, Mommy!” So I stuck my hand under my arm, and said, “Beep!” (I was not going to use my fork!) Emmy said, “No, naked Mommy!”

OK, now I knew what she was doing…no, I was not going to get naked in my kitchen…she wanted me to put my fork under my bare underarm…she was pretending the fork was a thermometer.

Are you wondering how my kitchen is clean after having company yesterday? I sure am….

Remember my dishwasher woes? I had ordered a Kitchen Aid dishwasher a couple of years ago, and it was too tall for our available space due to the Pergo floor the previous homeowners had installed. The deliveryman told me that the higher end models were shorter, and since our dishwasher was still working, I postponed looking for a new, more expensive model.

To make a long story boring, last weekend we went shopping and discovered Maytag makes a shorter dishwasher! So for about the same price as the Kitchen Aid, we were able to have a Maytag delivered and installed last week!

Last night, Ed and I were so happy we had our new dishwasher. Serving steaks on paper plates just didn’t appeal to me. So we stuck to real plates, but with our new dishwasher cleaning up seemed like a piece of cake. Hurray!

Lollipop Girls

Sitting on a balcony overlooking the Illinois River, we had a beautiful evening. We were celebrating the wedding of my sister and welcoming her husband to our family! Even Lily’s little dog joined in: