Tickle Me Emmy

Her pants are too short. My little Emmy, at 3 1/2, is starting to get taller. She still has those chubby little baby legs, but they are lengthening. The cute little toddler belly, sticking out like a little buddha belly, won’t last long now.
One of her favorite games is to pretend she is sleeping. She screws her eyes shut tight and lies in a little ball on the couch. Emmy! I’ll call. I’m sleeping! she yells.
I sneak up on her and that irresistible belly makes me
*T I C K L E  E M M Y!*
Stop, stop! She’s giggling and yelling at the same time. NO MORE TICKLING, MOMMY! 
I have strict rules about tickling. If the girls tell me to stop, I stop.
Okay, I say, and then I walk away.
Emmy gets up, and follows me.
Tickle me again, Mommy! And so I
*T I C K L E  E M M Y!*
I lift her up and kiss her sweet neck, relishing the time we have together while her big sister is in school. Soon Emmy will be going to school. Her little buddha belly will disappear. These days as a stay-at-home mom will soon disappear as well.
I am lucky to have had these days.
Simple BPM
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More Blizzard Pictures (for my sister in California)

…Puddle hadn’t seen a single snowflake yet. Just let it snow, he wistfully pleaded to the sky. There had to be snow!
~from Toot & Puddle: Let It Snow, by Holly Hobbie

 Before the storm really got started

Just as the storm was beginning, I took this picture of our patio. When I looked at the weather radar online, a huge, blue mass with a swirly wind circle was heading our way. And did we ever get snow!

One winter morning Peter woke up and looked out the window. Snow had fallen during the night. It covered everything as far as he could see.
~from The Snowy Day, by Ezra Jack Keats

Our patio after the storm

Our driveway had a huge four foot tall drift crossing it. Lily decided to build a tunnel. “It’s warmer inside!” she discovered. In order to be able to get our cars out of our garage, Ed had a daunting task ahead of him.

It took Ed all morning — about five hours — to shovel that driveway. I helped him a little but mostly I played with Lily and Emmy and brought Ed water and food. His mustache and beard were frosty and his brown hat turned white, but he was loving every minute of it. Until he came inside and realized how sore he was, that is.

Snow is lots of fun,
All right!
It gives you
A big appetite.
~from Snow, by Roy McKie and P.D. Eastman

Emmy, standing by a drift next to our neighbor’s fence.

Waves of snow in front of our neighbor’s house.

Now that the snow is over, it’s cold.

But the front door was open and his father’s footprints went out into the snow–
and it was 50 below zero that night.
~from 50 Below Zero, by Robert Munsch and Michael Martchenko

Not 50 below zero cold, but rather 10 degrees cold. Not as cold as the weatherman predicted, but cold enough to make us stay inside during our second snow day. We’re back to school tomorrow…