Tickle Me Emmy

Her pants are too short. My little Emmy, at 3 1/2, is starting to get taller. She still has those chubby little baby legs, but they are lengthening. The cute little toddler belly, sticking out like a little buddha belly, won’t last long now.
One of her favorite games is to pretend she is sleeping. She screws her eyes shut tight and lies in a little ball on the couch. Emmy! I’ll call. I’m sleeping! she yells.
I sneak up on her and that irresistible belly makes me
*T I C K L E  E M M Y!*
Stop, stop! She’s giggling and yelling at the same time. NO MORE TICKLING, MOMMY! 
I have strict rules about tickling. If the girls tell me to stop, I stop.
Okay, I say, and then I walk away.
Emmy gets up, and follows me.
Tickle me again, Mommy! And so I
*T I C K L E  E M M Y!*
I lift her up and kiss her sweet neck, relishing the time we have together while her big sister is in school. Soon Emmy will be going to school. Her little buddha belly will disappear. These days as a stay-at-home mom will soon disappear as well.
I am lucky to have had these days.
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14 Replies to “Tickle Me Emmy”

  1. Isn't it incredible?!? The belly laughs. They shake us to the core. I love the glow on my kiddos face when they are in uncontrollable laughter. The physical exertion that I get from making them smile, makes me shine. I ADORE tickle moments with my boys. And, just like you, cherish each moment with them. My youngest starts preschool next year, too. Oh HOW it will be bittersweet!!!! (and that deserved more exclamation points.) THANK you for sharing! -Alita

  2. Love it! Tickling and giggling has great power. I tickle my kids when they are mad. :)Call it twisted parenting, but I've found it cures all kinds of crabbies! 🙂

  3. What a sweet post and a sweet girl! Tickling Elliot is one of my favorite pastimes. She has the same little fat belly and just BEGS to be tickled. I follow the "stop" rule to because I hate how powerless you feel when you're being tickled and want someone to stop. She loves it though, "tickle me mommy!!!". She is so kissable and lovey dovey I can hardly stand it.

  4. A beautiful moment that needs to be remembered and cherised! I love those deep-belly laugh moments with my kids — that intense connection that is fostered through sharing a few moments of pure joy. Thanks for sharing this moment with us!

  5. To this day I will get on the floor if tickled, just to try and get as far away from the tickler as I possibly can! I am so incredibly ticklish!

  6. I love how you're relishing in these moments while you still can, appreciating they will be gone too soon. The only reassurance I can give myself when I think about how my boys will be all grown up long before I want them to, is that one day I will have grandbabies and can do it all over again! But since that's soooooo far away, I think I have to go tickle some Buddha bellies.

  7. What a sweet, sweet girl! I love that you're embracing every moment, because they do just FLY by. I'm doing my best to hang on, too, and it's the best, most terrifying thing, ever!

  8. Awwww – this was so cute! Such a memory lane trip. I miss those days but I do enjoy where he is now, too. I love that pretending to be sleeping thing – so cute! Visiting from SITS.

  9. So right. I have to remind myself these days will be gone in an instant. I was watching my youngest walking by the side of the pool at swim class just yesterday and noticed the belly sticking out. Sadly, it will be gone soon. My baby will be growing up and heading to kindergarten. He loves to be tickled, too. Not me!

  10. Oh, those little tummies disappear all too fast, don't they? It's the Tickle Monster who visits at our house. He's a friendly monster though. =>

  11. What a sweet picture! I love those kinds of moments of too. I almost cry when I think of how soon they will be over.

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