Naked? In the garden? For real?

Sometimes the gossip page just floors me. I read it, and I think, “Who could possibly care about that?” Then I keep on reading.

County music star Shania Twain will fill Paula Abdul’s spot on “American Idol.” No, Shania, no! Don’t do it! I know you must need a way to jump start your career again after being in Switzerland with your reclusive ex, but this is the wrong way to go about it. Just record another hit album! Come on, you can do it without Mutt! I know you’ve got it in you!

Alicia Silverstone told Health magazine that she’s so body-confident that she even gardens naked. Oh, yes, if I had a great body, or um, I mean, great body-confidence that’s what I would do. Definitely naked gardening. Sun burn in sensitive places, spider webs, mosquitoes and poison ivy; I’m just working toward that day when I can do some nekkid gardening.

It’s been reported that Celine Dion is pregnant at age 41. My first reaction is “Huh, I’m a only a year younger than Celine. She seems waaay older than me. Especially after that Vegas stint.” Second reaction: “Well, if she can be pregnant at 41, surely I could have another baby.” Third reaction: “Will Celine get up in the middle of the night with the baby, or will the nanny?”

Reactions? Opinions? Other gossip? I’m all ears!

What Could Be Better?

I’m driving along today, on a trip to Target, windows down and radio blaring, kid-free. The sunshine, wind and music brought back a memory.

Fort Dodge, IA. Summertime. Borrowed silver Cadillac, new driver’s license, teen-aged girls on a mission.

We went to see Top Gun, when Anthony Edwards still had all his hair, Val Kilmer looked hot in a uniform, and Tom Cruise was dreamy.

“I feel the need…the need for speed!”

Summertime, here we come!