What Could Be Better?

I’m driving along today, on a trip to Target, windows down and radio blaring, kid-free. The sunshine, wind and music brought back a memory.

Fort Dodge, IA. Summertime. Borrowed silver Cadillac, new driver’s license, teen-aged girls on a mission.

We went to see Top Gun, when Anthony Edwards still had all his hair, Val Kilmer looked hot in a uniform, and Tom Cruise was dreamy.

“I feel the need…the need for speed!”

Summertime, here we come!

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6 Replies to “What Could Be Better?”

  1. Back in the day when Tom Cruise was cool. I still say, "Talk to me, Goose" to DH, though. He never liked the movie, because he over-analyzed it & didn't watch it like a woman would. 🙂

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