Have You Seen This Car?

Lately, I’ve been spending my mornings with my cup of coffee reading the newspaper instead of perusing the blogosphere. This car, the Cozy Coupe, made the paper this week. The Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum in Cleveland inducted this car into it’s collection last weekend. How about that? At least three of my neighbors have this car in their backyards as well! Ed and I always think this toy is kind of useless, since the girls have trouble pushing it with their feet and then we end up pushing it for them, but they don’t move their feet with the car and then one little foot gets stuck under the car. The article says that Little Tikes has sold more than 10 million of these cars, and “that doesn’t take into account its reputation for surviving multiple owners.” We got this car free from a friend whose grandchildren had outgrown it, so who knows how many owners it had?

(article written by Heidi Stevens in the Chicago Tribune)

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13 Replies to “Have You Seen This Car?”

  1. We have that car at my parents house. We need another one because G and his cousin Dyl fight over it constantly when they're both there. G just figured out how to use his feet to make it move forward, he's been able to move it backwards for a while though.

  2. Had to laugh at this! Heard an entire story segment on this car on NPR yesterday. We had one too… My son couldn't power it up with his feet either, and when we pushed him, his foot got stuck. There isn't anywhere for a kid to put his/her feet while being pushed. Isn't it crazy that the company has sold so many of these useless toys???!!! What a scam!

  3. I almost got this car for Jonathan on more than one occasion, but I figured I would end up pushing him everywhere and opted out. 🙂

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