Random Tuesday Thoughts: The Horrors of Swimming Lessons

Yesterday was the first day of swimming lessons. I signed Lily up for the preschool class, and at the same time I’m taking a parent/child swim class with Emmy. Ever since I signed Lily up, she has been saying she will not like swim class. She told me she was going to just one swim class, and that would be it.

When I signed the girls up last week, it was cold and rainy. When I took swimming lessons as a kid, it was so early in the morning that we were shivering the entire time. (It was an outdoor pool.) My sister took lessons with me, and she had to be the most stubborn student those teen aged instructors ever had. She refused to put her face in the water. I remembered that just now, as I type this.

So I signed my own girls up for a class that starts at 11:30 a.m. and prayed that the weather would warm up. I had great luck. Yesterday was gorgeous. That was half the battle. Lily went to class without any resistance, but I had trouble seeing how she was doing from my parent/child class with Emmy. When I finally caught a glimpse of her, she seemed to be off to the side. I wondered, was she participating? Was she having fun?

After the class was over, she told me she LOVED her swim lesson! Since she’s only four, she doesn’t feel the need to save face and tell me it was awful and that she hated it. (It’s only a matter of time.)

Last night, I was the last to go to bed. Ed was already sleeping, and as I crawled between the covers, I noticed something. I had the wrong pillow. How could this have happened?

Then I remembered. I took a nap on Ed’s side of the bed, because my side was filled with laundry. Of course, I couldn’t nap with Ed’s pillow. I switched pillows because I needed my pillow.

Last night I didn’t get much sleep. How could I? Ed’s pillow is flat and hard. My pillow is soft and cushy. I can move it into whatever position I need it to be to cradle my little head.

Wake Ed up, you say? Oh, I’ve done that before, and I wouldn’t be here typing this if I had done that. Ed leaves for work at 6 a.m., and he’s very protective of his sleep.

I’m really tempted to go back to bed. WITH MY PILLOW.

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14 Replies to “Random Tuesday Thoughts: The Horrors of Swimming Lessons”

  1. I remember swimming lessons. They were indoors at the Y (Everything is indoors in Syracuse or you'll freeze to death) and I lost my favorite navy blue swim suit after the first lesson because I forgot it after I showered. Still traumatized bu that one…

  2. That comment from Ed is hilarious!I also have to have just the right pillow to sleep on. Honestly we need some new ones…very bad. I hope Lily starts to like her lessons betters oon.

  3. Glad swimming went well. Our winter attempt was a fiasco. YMCA "heated" pool wasn't and they left the kids shivering on the edge for most of the lesson. I hear you on the pillow thing, DH says there's no difference but then steal mine whenever possible *DONT_KNOW*

  4. I remember taking swimming lessons with my sister, Natalie. The instructor told Natty and I that we were named wrong…I looked like a "Natalie" and she looked like an "Angela". Then a kid told me that I had a long neck and looked like a giraffe. Had an identity crisis right there in the shallow end of the pool-lol. Ah, well-I learned to swim!What IS it about specific pillows?! My husband drives me crazy every night, trying to determine whether I have one of "his" pillows or if he in fact has them all. I don't give a d***! Just let me sleep!!!

  5. I never got to have swim lessons when I was a kid…so I haven't really thought about having Princess Nagger take them…though I think she'll get them whether she wants them or not during the summer camp I signed her up for at the end of July… ;)I absolutely cannot sleep with my hubby's pillow – it's like your hubby's pillow – flat and hard. Like yours, my pillow is soft and cushy. I wouldn't blame you one bit if you went back to bed with YOUR pillow to catch up on some sleep. ;)Happy RTT! 😎

  6. I'm a pillow snob too, I have to have the right one or my entire night's sleep is blown. We started Graham in this year's swim lessons last month and he loved it until he slipped in fell in one day when the instructor was working with another kid. Now it's grueling and he's hysterical for the entire thirty minutes. Sad but true. Glad your girls are enjoying the class!

  7. we started taking our little guy for swim lessons when he was 6 months. a year later, he does more splashing than swimming – but you can't keep him out of the water!

  8. Hope the classes go well, it's important for them to know how to swim. I would have gotten my pillow back!

  9. We had our first swim lesson this weekend! Sprite loved it too. I would wake John up in an instant to swap pillows. Hell, I wake him up to kill spiders..

  10. I hear you! I need MY pillow and MY covers or sleep is a no-show.I can't wait to get my kids back in swim lessons (well the little one has never been but she swims in the tub all the time. She's a wateraholic.)Happy RTT! A day late as usual 🙂

  11. so true! i love my feather pillow and if i find it on B's side of the bed i try to pull it out from under him really fast like a magician. Recent blog:=- FFF: mom

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