How Fancy Are You?

I asked Lily to look at the camera and got this crazed look!

Do you wear white gloves?

Do you flutter a fan?

Do you nibble your cookie or gulp it right down?

Pinky up!

Do you hold up your pinky?

Do you take sips of your tea?

Do you dab with a napkin, or just use your sleeve?

Ready for a tea party!

How fancy are you?

Fancy Emmy!

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Rock Star Mama

You know just by looking at me that I am not rock star material. The only piercings I have are in my ears. I do have highlights in my hair; but they are an ordinary blond, not pink or purple or blue. I don’t have a tattoo…not even one. When people asked me what my major was in college, they nodded sagely when I said education. “You look like a teacher,” they would tell me.

Well, apparently Emmy feels like I have Rock Star potential. She gave me the requisite tissue paper flowers for Mother’s Day; but she also came up with a present on her very own.


Now I, too, can be a ROCK STAR!!!!

We're Rock Stars, baby!

Emmy’s kit provided me with necklaces, bracelets, a ring, stick-on gems for my face, and a tiara (what rock star doesn’t have a tiara?) Lily suggested that a Rock Star isn’t a Rock Star without sunglasses. So we donned our shades and scowled, trying out our best Rock Star sneers and lip curls.

After all, who doesn’t want to be a Rock Star, baby?