How Fancy Are You?

I asked Lily to look at the camera and got this crazed look!

Do you wear white gloves?

Do you flutter a fan?

Do you nibble your cookie or gulp it right down?

Pinky up!

Do you hold up your pinky?

Do you take sips of your tea?

Do you dab with a napkin, or just use your sleeve?

Ready for a tea party!

How fancy are you?

Fancy Emmy!

signature Spin Cycle is all about pictures this week!
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13 Replies to “How Fancy Are You?”

  1. Your daughters are beautiful! I cn't believe how big they are getting!
    Tell Keith II said hello

    KAthy Wendhack

  2. Hey! Do you have a tea set? a play tea set? bring it to your photo session Sat if you do so we can be fancy together 🙂 I bought the wood for the tent today so don't forget the quilts.

  3. Hi Ginny! It's been ages! Hasn't it? I hope you still remember who I am! You hosted a "Coffee Friday" back in the day! And then after a while I pretty much couldn't keep up with being a mom, wife, cook, baker and blogger all at once… So my blog suffered the consequences… I thought about contacting all my old friends but first I started updating my blog and posting more recipes and stuff… so at least I would have something new to "offer" when people looked around! Now… I am hoping I'll be back for good and I am finally contacting all of you hoping you'll choose "The Coffee Shop" again! I miss the conversations and coffee with all of you! It will be great to see you there!

  4. Love the pinky idea. Reminds me of the time that we decided to have high tea with cucumber sandwiches and several different kinds of teas. Of course, there was nobody in the room under the age of 25, but who cares. It was fun.
    My recent post I am not grammatically perfect

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