Putting New Boots to the Test

Last weekend, I bought my girls some new pink snow pants, and while the temperatures have dropped, we haven’t had a need to wear snow pants yet. During that same shopping spree I bought myself a new pair of boots, and I wasn’t about to wait for snow to wear them! Yet I was going to wait for a day when I wasn’t teaching three year olds and would have to sit on the floor criss-cross applesauce. Three year olds don’t care what I have on my feet as long as I can pour juice and give hugs.

No, the perfect time to wear my new boots was when I headed to preschool to watch Emmy perform in her Thanksgiving play. A preschool Mama definitely needs to show off new boots to other preschool mamas!

Mama’s new pair of boots!

Let’s see if these babies passed the test:

Able to withstand kneeling on the floor to take video of cutest preschool pilgrim ever: Check.

Sidewalk walking of at least two blocks while holding hand of four year old waving a stick and dodging crazed mini-van drivers trying to pick up elementary school-aged children on an early dismissal day: Check.

Standing on wood-chips to watch first grader repeatedly flip over chin-up bar while trying not to wince and rush in to catch first grader: Check.

Pushing four year old in swing while on said wood-chips: Check.

Walking home on sidewalk carrying a quite heavy crying-because-big-sister-scared-me-on-the-swing four year old: Check.

I foresee a long and comfortable relationship between my boots and me!

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