Tree of Thanks {Simple Moment, Bigger Picture}

There were no brown markers to be found. The tube of brown paint was as hard as a rock. This project was off to a shaky start.

Fortunately, Lily and Emmy were excited about the project, and Lily has an eye for color. She told me to add orange to the putrid brown paint I was trying to mix with black and beige paint, and it worked wonders! I painted the trunk on a long piece of paper while the girls started making leaves and hand prints out of construction paper. On the leaves we wrote things we are thankful for.

Emmy is thankful for “the world, love, mom and dad.” Lily is grateful for “family and friends, trees.”

Emmy adds her leaf to the Thankful Tree.

Lily has learned to pose for my photos!

I am so thankful that my children came downstairs this morning, eager to add more thankful leaves to our tree!

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Thank you to There’s Just One Mommy for the Tree of Thanks idea!

Also linked to JDaniel4’s Mom

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11 Replies to “Tree of Thanks {Simple Moment, Bigger Picture}”

  1. I love this idea! I am thankful for so many things and this week I'm thankful for you! You have been such a great help and I appreciate you. Just wanted you to know that :).

  2. This post is so timely. I'm doing one next week about Thanksgiving projects. I guess once a teacher always a teacher! Adorable project and adorable girls!

  3. Your tree is such a beautiful reflection of the tone of your family. What a wonderful reminder, visual for the little ones and the big ones alike about how many blessings have been bestowed on your lives!

  4. I'm writing because I run a sensory site and am looking for great ideas for Thanksgiving. And as any parent, we’re looking for terrific Thanksgiving crafts and ideas for kids with Sensory Processing Disorder and on the Autism Spectrum. Would you add a link to a craft idea or two on our blog? Here's the link to share and get more traffic to your site…
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