Take This Fun Survey!

I spent the morning working on a survey that I created for my volunteer job at my church. As I was making lunch for Emmy and Lily (who’s home sick), I thought it would be fun to create a survey for Lemon Drop Pie! As I was learning how to use Survey Monkey, I discovered that I could embed the survey right in my blog. Bonus! Plus, I don’t have a post ready for today, and this is easy to publish before I take Lily to the doctor. (She’s fine, but strep has been going around.) (Oh, and please ignore my grammatical mistakes in the survey. I noticed them too late!)

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

If you read my blog in your email, this survey may not appear, so please click through to Lemon Drop Pie.

I’m looking forward to seeing your responses! Please excuse me now while I go snag some apple slices.


Putting New Boots to the Test

Last weekend, I bought my girls some new pink snow pants, and while the temperatures have dropped, we haven’t had a need to wear snow pants yet. During that same shopping spree I bought myself a new pair of boots, and I wasn’t about to wait for snow to wear them! Yet I was going to wait for a day when I wasn’t teaching three year olds and would have to sit on the floor criss-cross applesauce. Three year olds don’t care what I have on my feet as long as I can pour juice and give hugs.

No, the perfect time to wear my new boots was when I headed to preschool to watch Emmy perform in her Thanksgiving play. A preschool Mama definitely needs to show off new boots to other preschool mamas!

Mama’s new pair of boots!

Let’s see if these babies passed the test:

Able to withstand kneeling on the floor to take video of cutest preschool pilgrim ever: Check.

Sidewalk walking of at least two blocks while holding hand of four year old waving a stick and dodging crazed mini-van drivers trying to pick up elementary school-aged children on an early dismissal day: Check.

Standing on wood-chips to watch first grader repeatedly flip over chin-up bar while trying not to wince and rush in to catch first grader: Check.

Pushing four year old in swing while on said wood-chips: Check.

Walking home on sidewalk carrying a quite heavy crying-because-big-sister-scared-me-on-the-swing four year old: Check.

I foresee a long and comfortable relationship between my boots and me!

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