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I spent the morning working on a survey that I created for my volunteer job at my church. As I was making lunch for Emmy and Lily (who’s home sick), I thought it would be fun to create a survey for Lemon Drop Pie! As I was learning how to use Survey Monkey, I discovered that I could embed the survey right in my blog. Bonus! Plus, I don’t have a post ready for today, and this is easy to publish before I take Lily to the doctor. (She’s fine, but strep has been going around.) (Oh, and please ignore my grammatical mistakes in the survey. I noticed them too late!)

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

If you read my blog in your email, this survey may not appear, so please click through to Lemon Drop Pie.

I’m looking forward to seeing your responses! Please excuse me now while I go snag some apple slices.


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5 Replies to “Take This Fun Survey!”

  1. When my mum used to make my school lunches (well into my teens, I'm almost ashamed to add), she never cut any crusts off. And I don't think I would do so, if I were to have children.

  2. Great fun survey! My answer "I throw them out even though very part of my being screams that there are starving children somewhere who would love to eat those crusts."

    Fun Questionnaire

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