Random Tuesday Thoughts: Reader, Beware!

Emmy’s doing it again. Deliberately. She is spitting on the floor, and I believe this time she’s spitting out huge mouthfuls of milk so that she can wipe the floor by herself. I wrote about her spitting around this time last year, and I thought she was mature enough now to stop spitting. You know, at the wise old age of TWO. I guess not.

Related to that prior post on spitting is a little vintage RTT from our fearless leader, Keely. This is the post when our beloved RTT almost became TMI Tuesdays. Reader, beware!

Speaking of “Reader, beware!” I sometimes, um, well, stretch the truth just a little when I write comments. Last week I told someone one of my favorite musicals was White Christmas. When I was thinking about this later on, I realized one of my favorite musicals is Holiday Inn, not White Christmas. You see, I don’t lie deliberately. They are very similar movies, aren’t they? In another comment, I wrote how wonderful jicama was, and that my uncle grew it in his garden. I even went out and bought a jicama. As soon as I sliced it and took a bite, I realized that my uncle does NOT grow jicama in his garden, but kohlrabi. If you are the someone I wrote those comments to, I’m so sorry I lied misled you! (The jicama was quite tasty, by the way, especially in my salad!)

Last week I was stopped at a railroad crossing due to the long freight train that was going by. I noticed a car doing a U-turn, which is not all that unusual when I am waiting for a train. The unusual thing was that the car turned around to drive TOWARD the railroad crossing.

Emmy has been using real toothpaste, and so this spitting thing may be all our fault. We have been teaching her to spit out the toothpaste in the sink, after all. She wants to squeeze the toothpaste out by herself, but she squeezes with just a leetle too much gusto. I caught a whole lotta toothpaste on my finger the other day, just as it was about to fall into the sink. So that we wouldn’t waste it, I made Emmy brush with some, Lily brushed with some, and I brushed with some. It’s sparkly, bubble-gum toothpaste. My mouth just didn’t feel as fresh as it does after some regular adult minty toothpaste.

And that’s all the random for today. Let’s hope Keely at The Un-Mom doesn’t have another TMI Tuesday! Go check her out for more random.

10 Replies to “Random Tuesday Thoughts: Reader, Beware!”

  1. Waste not want not right?Favorite Christmas movie (I don't really do musicals) Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. It's juts not Christmas without Clark P. Griswold.

  2. I can understand the confusion between White Christmas and Holiday Inn since both star Bing Crosby and have Irving Berlin songs throughout.My wife seems to gravitate towards Meet Me in St. Louis and A Nightmare Before Christmas this time of year. They both seem to tie Halloween and Christmas together nicely for her. I've been trying to prod her to write a guest post about it to no avail.Thank you for your randomness,

  3. I am so envious that your uncle grows kohlrabi in his garden. That is my favorite all time vegetable. My grandmother use to cook it for us all the time.My grandmother's name was Emmy, what a koinky dink. I love that name. My husband wouldn't let me name my daughter Emmy for fear she would get called bad names in school. My god!

  4. So should I eat jicama or kohlrabi? Now I'm just confused. 😉 Good luck with the spitting, right now I'm trying to curb a whole slew of other unwanted behavior, luckily that one is not on my list…sticking your boogers on the wall though…

  5. We need to start teaching Sprite how to spit out toothpaste. She spits everything else, why not?I thought Holiday Inn and White Christmas were the same movie. You thought YOU were wrong!..

  6. Princess Nagger was so proud of herself when she learned how to spit…she did the same thing your munchkin's doing at that age, too…she'll grow out of it…eventually. The too much toothpaste mode, though? Not so much. ;)Wait…Holiday Inn and White Christmas aren't the same movie? Ooops. ;)Happy RTT! 🙂

  7. Oh, wow, that WAS "tmi" Tuesday, wasn't it? I totally forgot about that post. And the lump.It's sweet that you feel guilty about exaggerating in your comments. I just outright lie, but it doesn't seem to bother me.

  8. You have some great randomness.Spitting ~ OMG! That was a very smile white lie. I love those movies. I love Christmas movies.I think that jicama is pretty good but oh how I use to love kohlrabi.Can you get it in the store?

  9. Never heard of either of those veggies! The things you learn… :)And I always get them mixed up too, cause the plots are also pretty much the same. They're both fun, though!

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