Headaches, Turkey Dolls, and Spitting. How Random is That?

I have so much to do today that I swore I wasn’t going to blog. Kind of like the soup Nazi…”No blog for you!” But I can’t help myself.

So Emmy has perfected the art of spitting. She will take a huge gulp from her sippy cup and spit. She’s spitting on the floor, on the carpet, on the oven door, on the bed. Forget the dishcloth. Now she just rubs her hands around in the puddles. I look her in the eyes and sternly say “No spitting!” She even got a time out in her crib. Ha, ha, Mommy, time outs don’t work on one year olds!

We are having twelve people over for Christmas, and I wasn’t stressed out about it. Until last night. Ed started snapping at me, and I knew it wasn’t about me. He always gets really stressed out about Christmas. So I started to get stressed. I woke up with a huge headache, but massive amounts of drugs and caffeine are taking the edge off.

At least Lily isn’t stressed. Ever since I taught her how to make a turkey by tracing her hand, a “turkey doll” is the perfect gift for everyone!

Check out Keely’s random thoughts! She’s got some good ramblings over at the Un-Mom. All I have is a wet lap right now…thanks to the Random Spitter.


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2 Replies to “Headaches, Turkey Dolls, and Spitting. How Random is That?”

  1. Nice, Xander has that down pat too, except he only spits on himself. So it means I do more laundry. Why do the men in my family insist on making more work for me??

  2. It seems that snow shoveling has been added to our to-do list!Oh, and by the way, timeouts don't work for one year olds…but schpankins do!Ed

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