Exploring with Ed!

Ed and I love to plan our vacations around the United States, with the idea that we want to see our country. The summer before we got married, we drove out west and stopped at as many National Parks as we could. We hiked in the Badlands, climbed boulders around Devil’s Tower, and saw Mount Rushmore. We spent six days and nights exploring different sections of Yellowstone National Park. We drove through the Grand Tetons, and wished we had more time to stop and hike.

Once Lily was born, we decided to explore closer to home. Lily hated traveling, so we didn’t want to drive too far away. We went to Southern Illinois, and it was like discovering a whole new world, right in our own backyard. We hiked in places with mystical names such as Giant City, Ferne Clyffe, and Garden of the Gods. These places lived up to their names in their beauty and awe-inspiring views.

Lily and I are ready to hit the trails in Southern Illinois!
She was about 10 months old at the time.

Garden of the Gods

When I was six months pregnant with Emmy, we ventured into the Smoky Mountains. Please visit The Motherhood Muse blog to read a post I wrote about our experience there. I’m the guest blogger today. (Whoo-hoo!) Here’s some pictures from the Smoky Mountains, and you can see just how pregnant I really was. Which was only six months. (Seriously, I looked like I was ready to deliver Emmy right there in the mountains!)

Ed crossing a stream with Lily on his shoulders AND a backpack.

Here’s Lily and me, after hiking UP to see a waterfall.
Don’t forget–come visit me over at The Motherhood Muse blog!

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  1. We did the same thing. We loved seeing the states. Our country is so beautiful. Then we did a motor home one year with or daughter who was 6 months old and our son was 3.That was fun. Then we did camping when they were older. Now we do a cabin in Mammoth Lakes, CA each summer for a week.

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