Bathroom Fixer Upper {Spin Cycle}

Last Spring, I decided I needed to do something about the ugly wallpaper in our main bathroom. Whoever decided to wallpaper our bathroom had no idea what they were doing. Instead of using a straight edge and a sharp razor to trim the wallpaper, it seemed like the applier had used a scissors. It was jagged and torn in some places. As I tackled the walls, some of it was easy to take off, and other parts held on for dear life. Taking down wallpaper is a horrible job, but this wallpaper NEEDED to come off!

IMG_5204 (2)

I even made a vlog for Mama Kat’s Vlogging Prompts, showing how to remove wallpaper! Watching this made me remember how hard I worked in that bathroom…

I made some discoveries as I was removing the wallpaper; there had been two other wallpapers before this one, and there was dark pink paint under this layer of wallpaper.

Right in the middle of my project, the April floods hit Chicago. My basement was flooded and my sewer wouldn’t drain, so my project was on hold.

Fortunately, the bathroom was still useable, it was just gosh-darn ugly.

After I finished patching the walls
Ugly paint, toilet and floor!

At the end of May, I finally put my bathroom project back on the calendar. I patched and painted, and bought new towel racks and outlet covers.

But the floor! The floor was still ugly shiny pink stick-on tiles. This was a project we wanted a professional to do. However, it was harder than I thought to find a floor guy for a bathroom. After we finally found someone to do the floor, a funny thing happened. The roof to the floor company’s building collapsed (fortunately no one was hurt) and the work was postponed.

By November, we finally had a new floor in all our bathrooms.

New paint on ceiling and walls
I still want a new light fixture! And ignore the mess, please.
New floor!

I’m not done yet; I still need to put a frame around the mirror and redo the vanity. I’d also love a new light fixture! It’s not the dream bathroom I’d love; the bathtub, toilet and vanity are still old. But for now, it’s much better than it was!

Up next…my laundry room…the washer and dryer are down where the spiders live and it floods every Spring…

What needs fixing upping at your place? Link up your blog post and visit other people’s stories! Then come back on Monday for a new Spin Cycle prompt.

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18 Replies to “Bathroom Fixer Upper {Spin Cycle}”

  1. I am one of the old ladies that hung wallpaper. Probably a couple thousand rolls for myself, friends and relatives. And I have taken down a couple hundred rolls of the stuff. Not easy either way. Best of luck with the next projects! Seems there is always a hiccup when remodeling.
    Janice recently posted…Fixer UpperMy Profile

      1. I really like a heavy vinyl neutral colored textured paper in high traffic areas such as hallways. Similar to what is used in commercial offices. Wears better than paint and easy cleanup from messy fingers. Other than that, sort of done with the wallpaper look.
        Janice recently posted…Fixer UpperMy Profile

  2. Whoa, you did a nice job! I scrolled slowly and watched the video with interruptions (dog had to go out. love your shirt!) but I was a little worried for a bit there.
    No wallpaper here, but my parent’s house had some from the 70’s and it was a process to get it to where it is now!
    tamaralikecamera recently posted…The Triple Threat.My Profile

    1. Thanks! It looks really smooth in the pictures, but if you look closely you can see where the drywall had problems. The floor guy also nicked it in one spot. πŸ™ But it still looks nice.

  3. We took our main floor bathroom back to the studs and started over. It was a scary mess when we moved in and we lived with it for 7-8 years. There was garden hose attaching the water and shower. The plumber said he’d never seen it done quite like that. The things that are done in the name of remodeling.
    VandyJ recently posted…And Friday!!!My Profile

  4. Wallpaper in the bathroom is the worst!! Great job on the bathroom project! Our downstairs bathroom needs new flooring and probably a fresh coat of paint. Hopefully that project will get started if the snow ever goes away. Oh… and spare bedroom needs a makeover too.
    Jeanne recently posted…The Birthday WeekendMy Profile

    1. I’m waiting for warmer weather before I do any more painting projects! I want to repaint my master bathroom. It needs a makeover, too! Good luck with your bathroom project! Hopefully the snow will be gone from your neck of the woods soon!

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