The Book Cover

I bought the book at the church bake sale which doubles as a used book sale. The book jacket is long gone. It sits on the table, its blue and tan cover blank. I have no idea what this book is about; I only have the title and the author’s name to go by. I love reading the back of the book jacket first, and then the summary of the book on the jacket’s flap. But there is none of that with this book. The spine reads, “home safe Elizabeth Berg” and I don’t remember why I bought this book. Did one of the church ladies recommend it as I stood at the table, touching the spines of all the books?

As I open the book, I discover a little treasure. On the title page, it says in blue ink, “Happy reading, girls! Elizabeth Berg.” Signed by the author!

Now I’m curious. I have the internet at my fingertips. Should I look it up and read a summary online? It would be so easy to do. What kind of reviews does it have? Do people like it? What’s it all about?

I turn the pages and flatten them as I go.

“One Saturday when she was nine years old, Helen Ames went into the basement…”

I’m hooked already.


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