Freaking Out About Appearances

My parents didn’t allow me to wear make up until I was in high school. So in Junior High, I was known as the girl with the “natural look” since I was the only one who wasn’t wearing make up. I remember the first time I was allowed to wear mascara. It was for my Confirmation, and I spent the whole church service looking at my black eye lashes out of the corner of my eyes. Ever since then, I hardly ever leave the house without putting on some mascara. Normally, I don’t stress out too much about how I look. But there was this one time….

So I’m freaking out a little by posting this vlog! Why can’t I get a good thumbnail, and when did I start to look so much like my mother? Grab a cup of coffee and watch the video here if you’re reading this in your email.

Second Blooming

The Coffee Shop


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12 Replies to “Freaking Out About Appearances”

  1. I love that you did a vlog Ginny! I have not gotten myself to do that yet! Sometimes I catch glimpses of my mom in the mirror and say – what? I think as long as you are happy with your appearance – then that is what matters. It's the person inside that counts and those that matter will know that. 🙂
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  2. What a treat to "meet" you in a video! How cool….you're great at speaking AND writing :). The appearance thing…'s funny how you mentioned needing to "feel" more like yourself and thinking that you could have worn blue jeans. When I did my interview for Chan 58 (airing tomorrow night…yikes!) I felt like I should be sure to wear something that represents who I am….which ended up being kind of a bohemian-type shirt and blue jean vest (with khakis). I thought I should wear cool clogs (I had to give away a lot of my shoes w/ heels and it is SO hard to find nice looking "sensible" shoes.), even though walking in them was a little painful. Well, wouldn't cha know it….the camera guy did film Kai and I walking down the hall…..I felt like Kwazimoto! Hopefully that part won't be shown in the interview! 🙂
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  3. Oh! I love, love, love your vlog!

    I had a similar experience to yours years ago at a parents' night at school. I wanted to look "chic" or something. (Chic isn't exactly in my wheelhouse, but that was my goal I guess). I got what I thought was the perfect outfit, and then felt anything but chic the entire night because I was so uncomfortable. The worst part was MANY other people were in jeans and clothes I could have easily worn and felt like myself in. I was kicking myself like you were when you met your readers. I vowed to never make that mistake again. I've found that I'm much better served being my completely authentic, un-chic self. (although sometimes I will actually put on jewelry to ratchet things up a notch. Whoo Hoo!) –Lisa
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  4. Look at you vlogging!! I love it! I agree, we all look better when we're just ourselves. Well, maybe ourselves "at our best", if you know what I mean. I totally stressed over Blogher when I went a couple of years ago. It was in New York, and I was there visiting the inlaws anyway, but the day of the conference I freaked out and ran to Macy's, sure that nothing I had was going to work. I think you look great, by the way!

    And you are linked!
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  5. I always obsess about my appearance when I am put in a new situation. I want to look just right! But then I realized, "just right" doesn't come from what I'm wearing, but how I'm feeling on the inside. I needed to be comfortable inside myself. So instead of spending hours preparing my exterior in a new place, I spend time preparing my interior. I pray that God will give me peace, a calm spirit and confidence to be my best self. And I remember that I am highly esteemed as a precious Child of God. Love the post, Ginny Marie! Thanks!
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  6. This just made me want to clap…you are just a doll!!! I have never been to a blogging conference and only once met a blog follower…I am sure I would be a basket case. Recently all I am noticing is my wrinkles…that is when I put my glasses on to see them.

    I am getting stressed right now as I try to start my decorating business again and I wonder how the clients think a decorator should look. What I hope they see is my love for the Lord and my desire to show them how to enjoy their home..not my style or lack there of.

    Thanks for sharing…you go girl…what courage! What a lesson for me…be more myself. Wow…another conference…now I might need to get out from behind my blog one day also!!

  7. Love that you vlogged! I vlogged last week – wearing an old loose tee and no makeup, and that's when I realized, I don't even really mind the INTERNET seeing me as I really am, so really, I'm way past my own appearance. I mean, I do care about not looking like a right mess when I go out, I do clean up, and I do want to maintain a healthy weight. But makeup etc? Notsomuch. I've never been much of a makeup girl, don't think I ever will be. And I'm okay with that. 🙂
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  8. Before attending the ACFW conference last month, I joined their email loop for "first timers" to the conference. One of the most frequently asked questions was, "What do we wear?" Everyone was in a panic about how they should dress. They wanted to impress not only their fellow writers, but also editors and literary agents. And then there was the Gala Night. Oh heavens, do I have to get out my old prom dress? 🙂

    In other words, you're not alone about wondering what to wear to a conference. I ended up taking several "teacher outfits," which for me means dress pants with cardigan sweater sets and comfy shoes for walking all over the conference hotel. The Gala Night outfit was a dress from my brother's engagement party. (My new Twitter photo is from that night.)

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  9. Good for you for stepping out your comfort zone! We all freak out about our appearances. There were days when I would go pick our son up from school (when I'm in sweats and a t-shirt of course), it never failed; my husband would want me to stop by the store…are you kidding me?. He didn't get it, when I told him I couldn't because I might see someone I hadn't seen in years, lol! I've learned now to be comfortable in my own skin, but still haven't gotten up the nerves to do a vlog of myself yet, lol.;-)
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  10. You really "hit home" with this vlog topic. My son got married this past weekend and I live several states away so had not met the bride's family yet..and had not been involved in the planning for the wedding. So I had NO IDEA how formal the service would be or if her mother would wear a dress or not. I was having a major wardrobe crisis! When I asked the kids what was expected they told me my only job was to "be there" . Nice but not very helpful…I went shopping..UGHH. Sorry, I will not pay $70 for an animal print dress that I hate to begin with and sorry..but not paying $39 for a black skirt on clearance that I could make myself for $12! I finally settled on a blouse I already owned (because the colors were perfect) and bought a pair of $17 jeans from wal-mart–yes walmart! The only pair I found that didn't have stove-pipe legs that look aweful with my dress shoes..I found a wal-mart! I still stressed about it right up to the day before the wedding. Somewhere from deep inside came a voice that said "get dressed in the morning and don't even look in the mirror. See yourself in your mind's eye as you invision yourself looking then go into this event feeling confident and looking great". That's what I did and I felt great, comfortable, confident and pretty. IT WORKED and everything was totally fine. 🙂 Now let me add that I am a size 3x and the bride's family are all tiny. It didn't matter! and I haven't seen the pictures yet, but I know I looked great and when all is said and done…it doesn't really matter. The picture of me smooching on my son's face in true Mamma fashion is all anybody is really gonna see or care about…everybody went "Ahhhh" and they didn't see a size 3x woman, they saw a Mamma who loves her son and is happy on his special day. How much more beautiful can you get?
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