Random Tuesday Thoughts: Actually Random

Emmy woke up early this morning, and I tried to take her to bed with me. She screamed “I AM AWAKE!!” in my ear. So guess what? I’m awake this morning, too.

For Christmas, I bought each of the girls a small pink toy laptop. They are having a lot of fun with them, especially Lily, since she’s actually old enough to follow the game directions! This morning, Lily made a request that I thought was perfectly reasonable. She would like a desk in her room to put her laptop on, so that it has a permanent home.

Emmy had a request, too. When Lily was asking for a desk, Emmy asked, “Mom, can you buy me Tootsie Rolls to put in my pockets?”

I let the girls pick out some Goldfish crackers at the grocery store yesterday, and there’s a new flavor called “Garden Cheddar.” Is that marketing aimed at moms or what? Tell me seriously; do they really expect that a kid is going to want to eat Goldfish with the name “Garden Cheddar?” What is Garden Cheddar, anyway? Is the word “garden” supposed to make us think that there are actually vegetables in Goldfish? That garden cheddar flavor is healthier in some way? Hmmm…I need to go check this out….

(Just hum the Jeopardy theme to yourself for a minute, ‘kay?)

Okay…just came back from the Pepperidge Farm website, where they do make the claim that eating one serving of Goldfish is a 1/2 serving of vegetables. This. is. ridiculous. So sneaky. I prefer to outright force my kids to eat vegetables. It goes something like this: “Eat your broccoli OR ELSE!”

I’ve finally found a vegetable that Emmy will eat–frozen peas. She won’t touch cooked peas, but she loves frozen peas.

If you ran away to join the circus, which job would you want? Tight rope walker? Trapeze artist? Lion tamer? I’d like to ride a horse, bareback, and do tricks. I’d get to wear sparkly costumes and be adored by the crowd. It’s a little tempting, isn’t it? And totally random!

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11 Replies to “Random Tuesday Thoughts: Actually Random”

  1. Garden cheddar – I'm not falling for it! Who cares if kids eat vegetables anyway?If I were in the circus, I would just wear the sparly costume and look pretty, but I wouldn't actually do anything, because I wouldn't want to get dirty. There's a job like that…right?

  2. I'd like to be a trapeze artist – with a net. Or an acrobat like in Cirque de Soliel. No chance of getting my body to do that sort of stuff however.

  3. I like goldfish, but never thought that they are the equivalent of vegetables. Now whenever my wife wants vegetables with dinner I will have to pull out the box of goldfish.Thanks for your randomness,

  4. I love love love that your daughter eats frozen peas! When I was a kid that's the only way I would eat them. To this day I'll still toss back a handful or two :)But pass the Goldfish okay?

  5. LOL-I prefer the old-fashioned, "Eat it or else approach, too!"I'd definately be an aerialist-too cool!Hope that you're doing well-I am so ready for this year to be over-you?

  6. Oh please! Marketers will do anything these days to try to sell stuff. "There is blah-de-blah servings of Vitamin C in this orange soda." Yeah right. "Look this candy bar has nuts in it. Nuts are good for you. You should eat it. Lots of protein."Or."Mmmm….fruit snacks…" with.no.actual.fruit.in.them!

  7. Ginny, I don't know if I told you this but your posts are getting better and better. You are being more creative and open. Good job.This post was a fun read, thank you. I would want to do the trapeze! Happy New Year.

  8. X eats frozen veggies too! It's weird.I find it hard to believe that a serving of Golfish can equal 1/2 a serving of vegetables. I'll stick with the forcing of veg, too 😉

  9. I'm not a big fan of frozen veggies, but veggies in toasted cracker goldfish shaped form? That's just a little ridiculous.I think if I could join the circus I'd be on the trapeze. Either that or a clown, they scare the heck out of people. ;)Happy day late RTT. 😉

  10. Haven't seen the garden cheddar goldfish but I'll have to look into them. My kids will only eat tomatoes and cucumbers, although Graham started eating salad last week for some strange reason.The laptop desk is a great idea! I got the kids both cheapo laptops for Xmas but they don't know what to do with them. I guess it's just as well since that would just lead to them wanting mine.

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