Why Didn’t I Think of That Sooner?

I always buy two pounds of ground beef at a time. I used to stick one pound in the freezer, and then never remember to thaw it until it was time to cook dinner. Browning a pound of frozen beef just isn’t fun. I hate getting it in the pan, scraping it off as it slowly cooks, and trying to chop it into pieces with my plastic spatula.

I have non-stick cookware, so I have to use a flimsy plastic spatula. Don’t tell me about teflon; I already worry I’m poisoning my family with it! We received all our teflon pots and pans for our wedding six years ago, and I don’t think Ed will let me switch to stainless steel yet. Especially with the way the economy is going. Plus, then I’d have to learn how to really cook. Non-stick cookware has saved dinner several times.

Last week, I changed my routine. I browned one pound first, drained it, and stuck it in the freezer, ready to go. Then, I browned the second pound and made…what did I make with it? Tacos, I think. No, it was sloppy joes. This is what happens when I blog at night to post for the next day. Less distractions from the children, but my brain doesn’t work right. Oh, who am I kidding, my brain never works right, which is why I may have future posts with the same title! This method of browning the beef before I put it in the freezer may seem obvious to you, but I had an “ah-ha moment.”

For dinner tonight, I made Tater Tot casserole. I didn’t have to brown the beef first! All I did was thaw it a little in the microwave, and put my casserole together. Not only was the casserole easier to assemble, but I had less dishes to clean up afterwards. Now, why didn’t I think of that sooner?

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4 Replies to “Why Didn’t I Think of That Sooner?”

  1. Hello! This momma has done that for years! Also making patties ahead and in the freezer.Keep thinking—you'll figure out other stuff, too!CMJH mom

  2. Um, genius! I never knew you could do that, This will make putting together my son's favorite dinner, the very fancily named Confetti Spaghetti, even easier. And, I'm glad you liked my Fannie Farmer post. Although now that I've admitted I never knew about this browning and freezing ground beef thing, I may no longer seem qualified to have a Foodie Friday post on my blog!

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