Last Minute Gift Ideas From P&G

Ed has had a goatee for a long time. He had it when we first started dating, and since I told him many years ago that I liked it, he’s kept it. Our daughters have never seen him without it. A few weeks ago, Ed was recruited to be a wise man for our church’s Bethlehem Walk, so he decided to grow a full beard.

Ed's beard
Ed’s beard

Growing a beard doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to shave! He still shaves his neck and cheeks and keeps his beard nicely trimmed. No neck beard for Ed! I really like his beard. I think it makes him look distinguished. Lily, on the other hand, keeps asking him when he’s going to shave it off! She wants him to go back to a goatee. Ed has decided to keep his beard for winter. I think he’s hoping it will keep him warmer when we get some snow!

Does the man in your life have a beard, or is he clean shaven? There are some great deals on shavers and beard trimmers at P&G’s eStore! They sell all kinds of Braun products for men. There’s even a nice electric shaver for women!

Braun Beard Trimmer
Braun CruZer 5 Beard & Head Trimmer

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How’s that for a last minute holiday shopping idea?

Just like Ed takes care of his beard on his face, I take care of the skin on my face. I have tried so many different moisturizers for morning and nighttime. I have tried a variety of brands and prices ranges. But I always go back to my Olay facial moisturizer. I just love how it makes my skin feel! It absorbs into my skin right away, and I love how light it is; Olay doesn’t have a greasy feel at all.

The P&G eStore sells brands that I use everyday. Oral-B toothbrushes would make great stocking stuffers, and I love my Cover Girl mascara. It makes my blond eyelashes look dark, thick and long! Just perfect for those holiday parties.

Don’t forget the promo code A9Z-MN5-KY3-ISA to save 15%! Happy Shopping!