NaBloPoMo No Longer Exists…

and last year I totally bombed NaBloPoMo, with a total of 8 out of 30 posts actually published. It was my worst NaBloPoMo ever. Plus, BlogHer has given up on NaBloPoMo, so no official group is getting together to write daily in November. If you are writing for NaBloPoMo on your own, leave a comment and I’ll visit your blog and give you some comment love!

I am always up for a challenge, however, so here we go again! Let’s see how I do for NaBloPoMo 2018.

Speaking of challenges, I’m also attempting another November challenge that I’m not sure I’ll be able to finish. At the urging of the managers at my gym, I’m going to attempt to walk 10,000 steps a day for the whole month. I am really going to have to focus on this challenge to get it done! I rarely walk 10,000 steps a day, so here goes nothing.

In other news, I am no longer a preschool teacher. Yes, after 8 years of doing something that I completely loved, I switched jobs. I want to get back into elementary school teaching, and a good way to do that is to substitute teach. So now I’m a “guest teacher” in a suburb next to mine. So far, it has been going really well, even though substitute teaching is outside my comfort zone! But going from school to school has been easier than I thought, especially because all the school secretaries are amazing! They are so friendly and helpful that my school year has been off to a great start!

I have a half-day job this afternoon, in a 4th grade classroom. Perfect for the day after Halloween!

In order to get these 30 posts written this November, my goal is to not obsess about my writing, so I’m writing this quickly and then hitting “Publish.” And that’s how it’s going to be!

NaBloPoMo, November 2018


Black Cat or Bloody Girl

For the past couple of years, my youngest daughter has had to have two different costumes for Halloween. I do not know how this happened, but somehow she has been obsessed with being something scary and bloody. Of course, her elementary school doesn’t allow bloody costumes, so she decides on one safe costume for the school parade, and then makes herself all gory for trick-or-treating.

Halloween 2016

She has been spending weeks practicing her bloody scar makeup to get it realistic, and she cut up a shirt and painted it with “blood.”

The school costume, however, does not receive as much preparation. Two nights before Halloween, she was going to wear a smock and make a palette and be an artist for the Halloween parade. The night before Halloween, she decided to be a black cat. She found a big, fat pipe cleaner to be her tail, dressed all in black, and the next morning had me make her hair into two buns to be her ears.


As soon as she got home from school, with a little school glue, makeup and fake blood, she transformed into something else….

One of the other moms in our trick-or-treating group even asked me if she really hurt herself!

Fortunately, her wounds washed off later that night!

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