A Superlative Post-Christmas List

Most Thoughtful Gift

It’s the classic husband/wife difference. Ed dislikes opera and I like it. This fall, I jokingly said to Ed, “I’m never going to get you to the Lyric Opera, am I?”

A couple of years ago, a friend asked Ed to play his trombone for a performance of Utopia, Limited, and a love for Gilbert and Sullivan was born. When Ed discovered that the Lyric Opera is performing The Mikado, he immediately ordered tickets online. Voila – the perfect gift for his wife! I might have teared up a little bit when I discovered the tickets on Christmas morning.

Most Creative Christmas Decoration

At the beginning of December, I bought a cute decorative sled at Hobby Lobby, along with greens and sparkly doo-dads with which to fill it. The supplies sat on my dining room table for about three weeks. In an attempt to clean off my table, Lily and I finally put our little sled together. We added some lights, and set it on our front porch. It looks quite festive!

Best Mommy Moment

During the Sunday school Christmas service, the preschool and Kindergarten classes sang Away in the Manger. Both Emmy and Lily knew all the words to all three verses, and were amazing little singers! (It’s a mother’s prerogative to brag about her little ones, right?)

Worst Meltdown

Sunday mornings, our church has “coffee and…” after services. When Emmy realized that unlike a Sunday morning, there were no snacks after the Christmas Eve service, she threw a fit. What’s a three year old to do when it’s past her bedtime and she’s hungry? Throw herself on the floor screaming for some snacks, that’s what!

Most Procrastination Award

As you can tell by my sled project, I’m a procrastinator. My Christmas letter is halfway written. It is now an Epiphany letter. Family and friends, I promise you will get my letter before January 6. (I hope!)

Latest Obsession

A couple of years ago, Ed and I got caught up in a show called Next Great American Band. We were impressed by the winners of the show – a group named The Clark Brothers. This year, they put out their first album and are now called Sons of Sylvia. Ed gave me their CD for Christmas, and I realized I must be listening to it a lot when Lily started walking around the house singing, “Oh, what you waiting for, One more step and you’re out that door….”

What’s your addition to this list?

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7 Replies to “A Superlative Post-Christmas List”

  1. What a creative and fun post…I was introduced to opera with my children through home schooling…I love it. So understand the melt down moments…how can you not being a parent.Enjoyed the song….it is great. My son plays violin so I always love seeing someone play the violin.Happy New Year!!!

  2. From one procrastinator to another I must say the sled project turned out quite nicely. And a letter after Christmas, what a great idea! I decided not to even do cards this year! This was a very fun post to read. I, too, relate to the tantrum thing. My daughter had one of those when she was little between the Christmas programs. I mean two programs in one day, was expecting too much this time of year from a three year old! It was a doozy of a tantrum too! Now it makes me smile when I remember it. Think about that whenever your kids misbehave, it helps. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  3. Loving the sleigh! And I also love the fact that Ed listens to you. Sometimes, John listens, truly listens, and it's such a shock when he surprises me with something months later when I only mentioned it in passing. 🙂

  4. Sounds like the perfect gift and you get to go to the Opera, hooray! The sleigh you decorated is beautiful. It fun to be a proud moma, I am sure the audiance was full of them! Of course your girls were the best, I know that! Hope you get that letter out soon so get off the computer and work on it.

  5. Tickets to The Mikado! So romantic! I am green with envy. And you know, that Christmas Eve meltdown was the perfect time to pull out that most pathetic and manipulative last ditch mom line of all…"You'd better watch out. You'd better not cry…"

  6. What a creative list! And a creative post title to boot! I don't know if I can come up with the worst meltdown. There were so many in our house over the holidays. Most of them were the children. You and Ed sound adorable. I would love to go out on a double date with you and let some of that rub off on us! (Geography … grrr.)

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